Welcome to Sri Venkateswara College of Nursing

Our Vision

The Little Start Educational Development Scociety.

To impact quality education in the field of Nursing.

To impact value oriented education to the student,teachers and to empower them into full-fledged to lead and guide the society.

Our Mission

Teaching, Preaching and Healing cannot be seperated from each other .

To offer the higher standards of medical treatment, to treat patients with the care, comparison and commitment.

Quality health Alcatel delivery to the needy with competence at affordable cost .

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Why Sri Venkateswara College of Nursing?

Sri Venkateswara College of Nursing had been started for providing well qualified physiotherapists in our country. Our college includes,

Eco – friendly environment with best infrastructure campus,
A safe and secured transport facilities,
Well qualified dedicated staff members ,
Apart from studies, we have vast extracurricular activities ,
Excellent academic result ,
Well designed play ground,
Spacious building and natural environment,
Personal guidance and counselling to individual students,

That’s why the students are interested in joining the Christian College of Nursing ....

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Physiotherapy or physical therapy originated in ancient Greece as a way to use massages to ease bodily pain. While initially, this branch of medical science was used to treat back and neck pains, and certain orthopaedic and neurological problems,

Library, the soul of education, actively performs the functions related to learning,teaching, research and generation of knowledge. Our library is modernized and equiped with digital resources. It is housed in a seperate building, providing necessary

Alumni Association is to maintain lifelong touch with our former academic and professional students, to celebrate their successes and to provide support for their future. Alumni Refers to person who have Completed a Course and Graduated from